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Why OmniHealth?

You have many options when it comes to healthcare. Let us show you why OmniHealth is the best one.

Improved Outcomes

Because we utilize Evidence-Based Medicine, our members have far better health outcomes than traditional medicine, also improving other areas.

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Better Value

We provide peace of mind to our members at a much better value than traditional insurance because of our much smaller overhead and better memebers.

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No Network Restrictions

Unlike tradtional insurance, we don't have any network restrictions, so you can visit any physician or specialist no matter what network they're a apart of.

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Here's what OmniHealth has to offer

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Health Education

Using evidence-based medicine we aim to educate people how to practically improve their health while lowering their health costs.

  • Scientifically Proven
  • Better Outcomes
  • Future Proof
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Our signature "better than insurance" brand. Cut your health costs in fraction, while using our health education to get better outcomes.

  • Better Outcomes
  • Better Value
  • Better Features
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Doctor Referral

We find doctors that want to practice evidence based medicine and we refer our members to them so that they can have the best outcomes possible.

  • Evidence Based
  • Better Doctors
  • Better Treatment


We know you might have some questions, so here are some anwers.

How do I join?

Join our emailing list and commit to join OmniHealth so that when we reach 5000 members, we will contact you so we can start coverage. In the meantime, we will give you updates about OmniHealth and TruEnsure, so we can reach the goal ASAP.

When will coverage start?

Our data analysis has shown that we need 5000 people to join OmniHealth in order for TruEnsure to function. Once we reach that goal, we will soon begin coverage for everyone who has applied.

How are OmniHealth / TruEnsure different from normal health insurance companies?

We utilize modern, Evidence-Based medicine that provides better outcomes at a better value to our members, so that we can improve the quality of life for all of our members. The cost of TruEnsure is typically a small fraction of the cost of typical health insurance, and we utilize science and common sense to lower costs further and give better health to all of our members.

How does TruEnsure work?

We lower costs so significanly by opening up TruEnsure to lower risk individuals. As a rule of thumb, we allow people in the bottom 80th percentile, who have a healthy BMI and blood pressure, and who don't smoke to join TruEnsure. If you don't meet these or are borderline, you can still apply, and we will holistically consider your application for admission. Everyone else can still utilize our Evidence-Based medicine education to improve their health until they reach our qualifiers and can consequently join TruEnsure. To see how much you can save with TruEnsure, get a quote.

Our Mission

We want to provide better outcomes at a better value to all Americans, while inspiring them to live a healthier life.

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America's healthcare for the future

We aim to change the way America does healthcare entirely. Our system is falling apart because of the greed and malpractice of the authorities. Together with our members, we can move the mountain and fix the system.

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Better healthcare for all

With our methods, every American can improve their own health and then recieve better value for their peace of mind. We are the first of our kind to boldly step out as an alternative to conventional insurance, and we know that many other people will love to improve their lives by joining us.

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